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Long Beach Neck Injuries Attorney

Have you Suffered Neck Injuries as the result of an Accident?

The majority of people will experience some sort of neck problem at one point in their life. Whether they bump their head or fall off a ladder or from another height, or if they are involved in a rear-end collision or other accident, it's not uncommon to experience serious neck discomfort after an accident or injury.

Neck pain can vary greatly, ranging from minor soreness or stiffness to sharp shooting pains, migraines, or complete immobility. Most people don't realize how important it is to have a full range of motion in their neck until it's gone, whether temporarily or permanently.

The neck is made up of the bones and joints of the cervical spine, this is called the vertebrae of the neck. It is also made up of discs that absorb shock as you move and also separate the cervical vertebrae. Finally, the neck is made up of muscles and ligaments that hold the cervical spine together. In an auto accident, a fracture or dislocation of the spine can be extremely serious for it can cause a spinal cord injury and lead to permanent paralysis below the injury site.

Neck and spinal injuries usually occur in accidents that involve high impact. A common source of neck injury is car accidents. Neck injuries should never remain untreated as they may worsen and cause complications over time. Neck injuries can be extremely costly to treat. They may require life-long medical care and treatment costs can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would greatly benefit anyone who has sustained neck injury to speak with a Long Beach personal injury attorney immediately after the accident.

There are several kinds of neck injuries, which include the following:

Disc injury- the spine runs along the neck towards the cranium. The cervical spine is made up of delicate vertebrae that can cause serious complications if injured. A disc that separates vertebrae may slip or rupture during a high impact accident.

Fracture- a broken or fractured neck is one of the most serious types of neck injuries. It can easily cause permanent paralysis due to the important nerves that run down your spine. A neck fracture can be extremely painful and if it does not cause paralysis, it can cause a host of other complications

Whiplash- whiplash is the most common neck injury. It can vary in severity but should always be treated by a qualified medical professional. Whiplash can cause the tissues in the neck to inflame and make it difficult to move. It may have lasting damage.

Neck Injuries Lawyer in Long Beach

If you are worried about medical bills after a neck injury, speak with one of our attorneys today. We have helped many clients recover the compensation they deserved from insurance companies. Our lead attorney has been practicing for over 30 years and with that kind of experience it is easy to see why clients trust us with their most complex and important personal injury cases.

Contact a Long Beach Neck Injuries Attorney today if you have sustained neck injuries and would like your case reviewed by an attorney.

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