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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury

Why Use a Personal Injury Lawyer?

While each case is completely different from the next, people who are injured deserve individual attention and care to allow for a thorough recovery.  Sometimes injuries can leave a person and their families devastated.  Someone or something was negligent or careless and caused the accident resulting in your injuries.  Trying to handle the medical requirements alone may be overwhelming but proper legal steps still need to be addressed with the claims process.  An experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney will be able to focus on getting the maximum compensation for your claim while you focus on getting well.  A knowledgeable lawyer will be much more familiar with legal rights applied in your specific situation, making it possible to have a more comprehensive approach for compensation you may be entitled to receive, but didn't know existed.

Is it necessary to have a lawyer work on my claim?

It is possible to handle an insurance claim on your own, but beware.  Insurance companies are interested in keeping their costs as low as possible. They do not have your best interests at heart and may be less than forthcoming about the entire scope of eligible compensation.  Once you sign and agree to a settlement offer, it's done.  The "other side" may appear to be helpful but their primary goal is to settle the claim as soon as possible, for as little as possible.  An attorney working on your behalf has one primary interest - you.  A lawyer will focus on your key concerns: receiving the best medical care, evaluating other losses and seeking the most compensation you are rightly entitled to be awarded.

Which Personal Injury Attorney is Right for Me?

Hiring a lawyer is a personal decision.  It is important to consider the facts in your case and the severity of injuries sustained.  Without question, having legal representation is beneficial.  Experience is critically important - not just with legally handling a claim, but with going to trial.  A trial attorney is in a special class.  If the claims process becomes complicated and requires going to court, then you may want to seek the legal counsel of Leonard Matsuk.  Thirty years of serving the Greater Long Beach area, has built a reputation within the local judicial system.  This reputation of integrity impacts proceedings with local law enforcement, judges and prosecutors as well as insurance companies, which ultimately benefits you.

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